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This is not an ordinary graphic journal. This journal focuses on the television show The OC. Therefore, I will only post graphics that are from the actual show, the actors or anything else associated with the show. So if you are not a fan of the show, there is really no point in adding this journal to your friends list.

Before You Are Added By Me:

+If your journal is not used or updated regularly then click the x on this page now. I don't want people taking up space on my friend's list. And if you are a graphic journal, do not add me either.

+If you are a fan of The OC and want to be added, add me first.

+After you add me, comment and let me know you added this journal to your friends list.

Once Your Are A Friend:

+Comment if you take anything, even if it is only 1 icon.

+If you take anything, credit me. For icons credit in keywords, for anything else credit in your userinfo.

+Be specific when you take things. So tell me what numbers you took, do not comment and say "Took a bunch, few, couple... whatever." It's annoying.

+Anything you get for this journal is only to be used at LiveJournal, no Blurty, Greatest Journal or any other journal site.

+Do not redistribute my work to anyone. It is not yours to give out. And do not even try to pretend you made it, cause lets face it, you didn't!

+No customizing anything I post, do not even add your username to it, you take everything as is.

+Do not direct link any graphics. Upload everything to your own server, if you have no idea what this means I will explain this to you... just ask.

Other Things:

+If you want to be affiliates just comment and let me know.

+If you change your username or want to be deleted from this journal please let me know.

Thanks. Your Mod, Designer, & #1 OC Fan, Laura
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Hey, I update everyday.. and umm.. I added you so can u add me?! Thanks! the oc kicks ass
Hi, I added you. Could you add me back? :)
I added you.I'm a O.C. Fan.I'll respect your icons so you have nothing to worry about ;) haha
hey i love the oc.. you seem cool :]

add me?

thanks - dOnna
May I be added please? :)
i added u... add me back?
added you.
add me back?
i added you to my friend's list =)
could you add me please?
I added you to my friends list. <3 The OC! Add me back?
hey can you help me with the layout? how do you put the pic on the top. if you can help that would be great thanks

xO - donna .. [ x_babiie ]
added you
add me?
added you, add me? =)
oh gosh!'
i was wondering (if its not too much trouble to add me to your friends. i love your work
i added youuu. it'd be awesome if you added me back. :D
Add me babe?
added you add me back?
Come check out
I’m a co-mod there. We make graphics, friends only signs, icons, and we also take requests! We are going Friends Only, so there wont be anything up till Tuesday the 27th, but you can still check out some of the previous posts of stuff by me and the other graphic makers!<3
Hey, i've added you. Add me back?
hi. i added you...add me back? ♥
Add me please! :)
I've added you.. add me back? ♥
i added you, add me please?
i added u so add me? i love the oc soo much its crazy!
add me please?
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