inked_melody (inked_melody) wrote,

This is not an ordinary graphic journal. This journal focuses on the television show The OC. Therefore, I will only post graphics that are from the actual show, the actors or anything else associated with the show. So if you are not a fan of the show, there is really no point in adding this journal to your friends list.

Before You Are Added By Me:

+If your journal is not used or updated regularly then click the x on this page now. I don't want people taking up space on my friend's list. And if you are a graphic journal, do not add me either.

+If you are a fan of The OC and want to be added, add me first.

+After you add me, comment and let me know you added this journal to your friends list.

Once Your Are A Friend:

+Comment if you take anything, even if it is only 1 icon.

+If you take anything, credit me. For icons credit in keywords, for anything else credit in your userinfo.

+Be specific when you take things. So tell me what numbers you took, do not comment and say "Took a bunch, few, couple... whatever." It's annoying.

+Anything you get for this journal is only to be used at LiveJournal, no Blurty, Greatest Journal or any other journal site.

+Do not redistribute my work to anyone. It is not yours to give out. And do not even try to pretend you made it, cause lets face it, you didn't!

+No customizing anything I post, do not even add your username to it, you take everything as is.

+Do not direct link any graphics. Upload everything to your own server, if you have no idea what this means I will explain this to you... just ask.

Other Things:

+If you want to be affiliates just comment and let me know.

+If you change your username or want to be deleted from this journal please let me know.

Thanks. Your Mod, Designer, & #1 OC Fan, Laura
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hey add me ur added :-)
Added you, add me back?
Hi! I'm a regular LJ user, just so you know. I added you as a friend simply because I'm dying for some good OC icons... I am a huge fan BTW. But telling you now - you don't add me, you're de-friended. The whole point of this was to get and credit you for the icons you made, and there's no point in friending you if I can't even see what's inside your LJ. But yeah, if you do add me and I can view your LJ, know you have a true friend in me. =D Warning: I have a sick mind. Don't like, don't friend.
ummm Yogalates?

add me? your work is gorgeous <3
hi i added you, if thats ok :) dont worry, i wont be taking anything without crediting :)
I added u =)
i added you...:0).

Yogalates. Is that how you even spell it? Yogilates? Yogawhahaha.

I added you. :)
I'm a huge O.C. fan and I update my LJ daily sooooo....
I added you-
Add me?
Hey! Awesome icons. I added you, add me back?
hey i added you, i promise to comment and credit when using your graphics... add me back? i update regularly too.
I saw your icons on the_oc
I really liked them
So I added you
Hope to hear from ya.
<3 LiSA
added you,add me>?
i've added you...
i love the o.c.
I added you... add me?
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